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Friday Introductions

FridayInstroductions Hi I’m Timmerie! I’m Catholic ⛪ ! I’m the host of Trending with Timmerie which airs on radio networks across the country. During my evening hours and on the weekends I’m keeping an eye out for my clients spines. I’ve got your back! I’m a certified STOTT pilates trainer, and NO it’s not yoga. (Google it!) With my dance background, this is a way for this California missionary to make ends meet. I love it because it helps me stay healthy just like it used to keep me injury free during my glory days of 💃 dancing.

I spend most days working through tough moral questions surrounding sex. Such as: “Why shouldn’t a same sex couple adopt children?” Or “How do I talk about abortion with my feminist friends?” The only reason I do what I do is because I love Jesus and He calls us to obedience and steadfast love. In Him I find authentic truth and freedom. I said yes to serving and I’ve been amazed by the places He has called me to. By digging in and with a rich prayer 🙏🏼 life you will be amazed by how you can be transformed.

Fun facts:

1️⃣ In high school I danced for one summer with the Kirov – a Russian ballet company.

2️⃣ I miss dancing every day but I’m thankful for the opportunity to share God’s plan for life and sexuality.

3️⃣ My earliest memories in the pro-life movement are when my parents packed up our house to run a maternity home when no one else was able to. That’s a shelter for women in crisis pregnancy 🤰.