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A Time to Speak Up – Dr. Leana Wen

This morning Planned Parenthood announced their new president Dr. Leana Wen. They chose a doctor because they want the world to believe that both contraception & abortion are basic healthcare. Abortion is not necessary for survival nor does it treat a disease. It goes against human survival and the flourishment of both mom and baby. It treats a woman’s body as deficient and in need of fixing. Women deserve the truth, not the ongoing scare tactic that without abortion they will die. The truth is that without abortion more women will live. With life affirming laws – women won’t face depression, anxiety, and substance abuse as part of the coping and aftermath of abortion. Women deserve better healthcare than abortion and contraception as the bandaid to life’s social and economic challenges.

Friday an episode of Trending will become available that covers how to respond to the argument that women will die without abortion. You must talk about this because otherwise Planned Parenthood is going to with your friends and children.

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