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Public Policy: How can you make a difference?

*by John Gerardi of Right to life of Central California as discussed on episode 147

In California, there are a lot of bad proposed laws (and some good ones) relating to abortion and other issues we care about at Right to Life of Central California. Here are some examples:

Bad: SB 24: This bill would require every CSU and UC (like Fresno State, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and every public university in California) to provide chemical abortion pills to students at the on-campus health centers. This could require spending California taxpayer dollars and student tuition to pay for it.

Good: AB 809: This bill would require pregnant and parenting students to be notified of their rights and protections under Title IX. We want to do everything we can to support women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy, and to help them thrive socially and academically.

How can we help influence how laws get made?

1. Know the System: The State Assembly, the State Senate, and the Governor.

2. Write or Call Your Representatives: Visit Enter your address, and it will tell you who your State Assembly and State Senate representatives are, with a link to their website. Write or call them (particularly at their Sacramento offices) to let them know your position on a piece of legislation. Yes, write them!

3. Write the Governor: In September, the governor of California signs or vetoes every bill that has passed the State Assembly and State Senate that year. You can write to him directly to urge him to sign or veto here:

4. Visit the Capitol: Every year, Right to Life of Central California has a legislative advocacy day to support good legislation or oppose bad legislation. We drive to Sacramento, walk the halls to speak with legislative staff, visit our local representatives, and attend a legislative hearing. Anyone can do this—you don’t have to be a lobbyist!

You are a few years away from having the enormous responsibility of being a voter. If you know this basic stuff, you know more than the vast majority of voters!

Understand how your vote matters, how the people we elect make our laws, and how you can make a difference!

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