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Who was the founder of Planned Parenthood?


Who was the Real Margaret Sanger program educates the current culture to the roots of the radical feminist movement.  A movement which promotes the chemical and surgical manipulation of the woman’s body, and even death of a pre-born child, as the necessary means to equality and freedom for women.  In this brief and informative series, Margaret Sanger’s mission is communicated so clearly that one can’t help but have some concern as to the impact such views continue to have on women, men, and children. Why do we remain complacent as women are told they must change their bodies rather than emphasize the need for all to work together to create an environment promoting the value of women in society?

It is not a surprise that we see widespread use of pornography and sex trafficking of women when we are a people in favor of physical manipulation of the woman’s body as a means of progress.  It’s time to make a change in the way we think and how we respond to progress for women and society as a whole, that is real feminism.  <!--more-->


Are you looking for a pro-life resource for a group meeting coming up?  This is great for any age from high school on up.  This program utilises three short videos and an instructor's guide to help you understand the founding of the contraceptive and abortion mindset of the modern culture.  You will learn who Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is and what she believed.  

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