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Me Before You Movie

Have you seen the movie or trailer for Me Before You? It looks like the cutest and most romantic movie about a beautiful girl and a man who faces a new life as a quadriplegic. Ladies, there is a castle! It couldn’t get much better than that! Right? Most people were in for a rude awakening though if they sat down for a sweet love story of sacrificial and wooing love.

Me Before You tells the story of a young couple who falls in love in the most unusual circumstances. However, it wrongly leads a person to believe that love means tolerance for any behavior and that living life to its fullest potential means traveling, being rich, and absolute autonomy.

This movie takes a sweet love story of two people who fall in love with each other for who they are and twists it into each person choosing themselves before others. A young woman is encouraged to find happiness apart from the beautiful simplicity of her daily life and family. A young man is left ending his life because he thinks he has no value; furthermore, he isn’t willing to live his life with a young woman who loves him just the way he is.

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