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Keep Chemical Abortion off of CA Campuses

Excellent news!

Governor Gavin Newsom's Chief fiscal advisors opposes SB 24 for financial purposes. SB 24 would lead to an estimated 500 more abortions per month in the state of California by providing the chemical RU-486 abortion pills on California UC and CSU campuses.

Listen for further details on this great update with my dear friend and guest attorney John Gerardi on the latest episode.

Urgent: call all members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on this list and ask them β€œto vote NO on SB 24”. Each call will take less than a minute.

Send your letter in opposing SB 24 by August 26 - California's university abortion expansion.

Watch and share this short documentary on the impact of this chemical abortion process that is even more damaging for women than surgical abortion.

Know someone who just took the abortion pill? It's not too late to save a life.