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Update: Chemical Abortion Pill Bill SB 24

Latest update on the chemical abortion pill bill SB 24: is being voted on in the California Assembly Higher Education Committee Tuesday, June 25th, at 1:30 pm

Please take immediate action. If this bill passes, it will be one of the largest abortion expansions we've seen in the United States. Unregulated and further access to the abortion pill will seriously harm young vulnerable women and kill their babies.

EVERYONE please call and pass this on (text this to a friend). It will take less than 5 minutes.

CALL TO ACTION: stop California public universities from making the abortion pill available on campus.

Please call each of these assembly members and tell them to vote NO on SB 24 in Tuesday's 1:30 pm vote:

Chairman Assembly Member Jose Medin 916-319-2061
(A Catholic)

Assembly Member Dr. Joaquin Arambula 916-319-2031

Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel 916-319-2045

Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin 916-319-2044

Assembly Member Miguel Santiago 916-319-2053
(he is a Catholic who at one time studied to be a priest. Unfortunately, today he has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.

Please pray for these assembly members and urge them to vote NO on SB 24.