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So what if they are gay?

Timmerie Dance 2007Today’s blog is more of a personal reflection . . .

Growing up dancing and even within my extended family I have been close to many people with homosexual tendencies. As I grow older I discover more friends and past acquaintances with the same struggle.

Maybe I over think it, but almost every time I wonder to myself: 'If I did a better job befriending that person would they be where they are now?'

In other words, would they know the love the Catholic faith has for them? I think of my friends, acquaintances, and those persons who I will later encounter as they struggle with their sexuality. I hope they know this:

I love them for who they are, not what they are. Everyone struggles with something; yet, no matter the struggle we are called to love. At the core of Christianity is the love of the Cross.

Religion TodayThe faith I live condemns no person who has homosexual tendencies, but calls that person to a love filled life. Here’s why . . . The Cross represents life giving and self giving love.

To be a Christian is to live as Christ lived. Christ denied himself and gave himself on the cross to his Father for all of humanity.

In this context I understand sexuality as a full giving of self that is selfless. All of us are called to deny ourselves and pick up our Cross. We are all called to chastity. To self control. To love and to faithfulness. To any who may be homosexual, the Catholic Church loves you and says come, just as it says come to me who is a sinner and must be forgiven daily.

So what if they are gay?

I hope we are able to show the love of Christ and the life giving self giving love of the Cross through our own actions.