Thomas Schmierer LMFT

Special guest

Thomas Schmierer (pronounced shmeer) is a licensed marriage and family therapist and faithful Catholic who helps individuals, couples, and families in pain to experience deep personal and relational healing by using the top faith and evidence-based treatments so that they can live out their unique vocations to love with ever greater peace, holiness, and joy. His private practice, Healing and Peace, offers the following services: Catholic life, relationship, & family coaching worldwide via Skype/phone; therapy in several US states via Skype/phone, & therapy locally at his Carlsbad, CA office. Thomas’s popular podcast and blog have a unified mission of being your Catholic guides through the trials of life. Readers/listeners can stay informed of future posts and episodes by signing up for his email newsletter at In addition to his education as a therapist, Thomas graduated summa cum laude from Holy Apostles College & Seminary where he received an M.A. in Moral Theology. His work as a therapist is informed by his education in the psychological thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. He is a knowledgeable student of Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and was the founder and first president of Ocean Counties Theology of the Body Evangelization Resources (OC-TOBER), an organization whose mission includes “assisting the Church by improving parishioner perception and understanding of Church teachings on human sexuality.”

Thomas Schmierer LMFT has been a guest on 4 episodes.