Father Robert Spitzer

Special guest

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 16, 1952, Fr. Spitzer is a Catholic Priest in the Jesuit order, and is currently the President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith (www.magiscenter.com) and the Spitzer Center (www.spitzercenter.org). The Magis Center produces documentaries, books, high school programs, college courses, adult-education programs, and social media materials to show the close connection between faith and reason in contemporary physics, philosophy, and historical study of the New Testament. The Spitzer Center produces facilitated curricula to strengthen strategic planning, culture, and spiritual practice in Catholic organizations as well as culture and ethics in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. He is also the President, Master of Ceremonies, and speaker at the Napa Institute in Napa, California and Washington, D.C. (www.napa-institute.org).

Some highlights of Fr. Spitzer’s professional life:

He has published ten books:

He is completing a Catholic Faith Compendium to complement The Catechism of the Catholic Church with scientific evidence, philosophical and theological explanations, and spiritual guidance. This encyclopedic work and on-line tool has the potential to change theological education in high schools, university Catholic centers, parishes, and confirmation/RCIA programs.

He has also published many scholarly articles in journals such as: International Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy in Science, the Business and Professional Ethics Journal, and the Journal of Ultimate Reality and Meaning.

He has also written an online Encyclopedia of Reason and Faith which responds to questions about the evidence for God, Creation, and the transmateriality of human consciousness as well as questions concerning the historicity of Jesus (www.magiscenter.com).

He has given hundreds of presentations to universities, learned societies, professional societies, corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies both nationally and internationally (including members of Tony Blair’s Cabinet in London, officials of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia, both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland, government officials in Costa Rica, as well as international universities, corporations, and Catholic organizations).

Fr. Spitzer has had a rewarding career in teaching.

*Brief educational background: *

Ph.D. Catholic University of America, 1984-88. Philosophy Summa cum Laude.
Dissertation: A Study of Objectively Real Time. Director: Paul Weiss.

Th.M. Weston School (Cambridge), 1983-84. Theology (Scripture). Summa cum Laude. Thesis: The Depth Grammar of “Pneuma” and “En Christo” in I Cor. 12.

M.Div. Gregorian University (Rome), 1980-83. Theology. Summa cum Laude.
Thesis: Early Christological Hymns.

M.A. St. Louis University, 1976-78. Philosophy. (Research) Magna cum Laude. Thesis: The Metaphysical Proof of God’s Existence in De Ente Et Essentia of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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