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San Diego Union Tribune

Exerpt from the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper piece Timmerie wrote countering Planned Parenthood’s on reproductive rights.

Today, women have achieved unprecedented accomplishments through equal access to education and high-level positions in the many facets of the workforce. Women bring their distinct influence and gifts to impact a broad range of public and private life. Yet we must ask ourselves the following: Is abortion necessary for women’s equality? Is abortion a reproductive right that should be federally funded?

Abortion is often referred to as the termination of a pregnancy. The consequential ending of the pre-born child’s life is justified based on the circumstance of the mother and the dependence of the developing person on the mother. The zygote, embryo, fetus, newborn, toddler, child in her terrible twos, teenager seeking independence or elderly man beginning to age — each go through the same stages of development as you already have or will.

Should a teenager be denied life because he is hostile to his parents? After all, he demands a roof over his head and nourishment for his body from another’s means. Should the grandmother’s right to live be denied because she is dependent on another person to feed her because her hands are shaking and curled in pain?
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