Chastity & Same Sex Attraction

Episode 213 · November 13th, 2019 · 48 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

How do you help a friend or family member who experiences same sex attraction? Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Michael Gasparro joins Trending with Timmerie. 18 year olds to Millenials are less comfortable with the LGBTQ issue than you think when it comes to their doctor, children’s education, and family members. What does the Catholic Church have to say about gender ideology and being gay? Michael shares about his work as a therapist and his personal story of freedom and chastity as a Catholic after experiencing same sex attraction. Male and female he created them! Join Michael and Timmerie as they discuss self determination, Delta Airlines , and the”Equality Act”.

Resources mentioned during the show:

Reintegrative Therapy Association

Michael Gasparro’s testimony on Trending

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity


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